Capacitors and SupercapacitorsDevelopments in materials for energy device materials, such as batteries, capacitors and super-capacitors, are progressing rapidly as cutting-edge applications demand power sources be smaller, lighter and more efficient. Harper’s extensive experience gives us the unique ability to deliver the most custom, unique thermal processing of battery materials to enable the customer’s success in their manufacturing operations.

Harper has designed advanced furnace and kiln systems for some of the world’s leading energy storage material companies. We focus on processing in controlled and specialty atmospheric environments and at temperatures up to 3000°C. Harper’s expertise covers calcination, graphitization, carburization, controlled oxidation, oxide reduction, purification, pyrolysis, drying, reduction, solid-solid reaction, gas-solid reaction, metalizing, debinding, waste remediation and more.

Many companies on the cutting edge of research in new energy device materials need assistance in developing and fine tuning their thermal regimes. At Harper’s Technology Research Center, customers can utilize a number of onsite furnaces and kilns, and have Harper’s expertise at their disposal to work through their process development and process optimization. Harper also provides a variety of additional analytical services such as gas analysis (critical to ensuring compliance with environmental regulations) electron microscopy, XRD, BET, and other thermal and elemental analysis.

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