Harper processing furnace technology to focus on a series of continuous processing of advanced materials under high temperature and controlled atmosphere environments. We do not in order to meet the needs of customers tried to sell standardized products, but for each customer’s unique needs, the use of building blocks submitted by world-class solutions.

Harper customized treatment furnace design began to fully understand the client’s objectives, by experienced engineering team to analyze customer’s unique process requirements. Harper trying to design a complete thermal solutions, our product offerings include gas processing and fully integrated control system.

Harper treatment furnace using an innovative design measures, but also to deal with the material in question is very concerned about oxidation. Harper can provide good hermetic sealing system with a unique design and clean the furnace design. In addition, since Harper processing furnaces typically operate at high temperatures, so we are also good at improving the energy efficiency of the device. We are very concerned about the combination of materials and design features to achieve energy savings, cooling water and protect the environment.

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