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Maximizing the Production Economics of your Thermal Processing SystemHarper Webinar Series

Let Harper help you put together the puzzle of identifying opportunities for improvement in your operations and optimizing your equipment investment.

Harper presents this webinar series from our seasoned experts focused on maximizing the production economics of your thermal processing system. In our multi-part series, you’ll get access to the know-how of Harper’s industry-leading experts, with decades of experience in a variety of advanced materials and expertise in helping customers grow their processing lines successfully.

Who should attend Harper webinars? Anyone involved in design, specification, purchase, management or maintenance of thermal processing equipment, including furnaces, kilns, ovens and complete material processing lines, as well as overall responsibility for development and production of advanced materials.

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  • Webinar 1 (Completed): Designing for Energy Efficiency in Thermal Processing. Click here to review the presentation!
  • Webinar 2 (Completed): Scaling Up Your Thermal Processes Successfully. Click here to review the presentation!
  • Webinar 3: Research Thermal Processing Systems: Designing Flexibility & Performance – Coming Soon!
  • Webinar 4: Maintenance Optimization: Planning Uptime & Downtime Most Effectively – Coming Soon!