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Our client testimonials speak for themselves. To be a trusted expert to our customers – this is a core element of Harper’s vision statement. The relationships that we form with our customers, based on confidence, collaboration, and mutual success, are what have made us one of the world’s foremost providers of thermal processing solutions for advanced materials. But don’t just take our word for it – read what real customers have to say about Harper…


“The Harper Pulse group’s outstanding performance on our recent HT Furnace upgrade and rebuild was key to a successful project that will deliver savings for our company’s bottom line.  Across our many experiences with Harper’s team, we have seen that they share the Cytec vision for safety and quality of work, along with an urgency to get production systems back in operation. With their strong technical and operational support, we completed the project ahead of schedule, below budget,  and reduced the total downtime for this equipment, ultimately delivering significant savings in capital expenses and an increase in revenue through additional uptime of the production line.”

Simon C. Harvey
Operations Manager
Cytec Carbon Fibers


“Harper’s ultra-high temperature (UHT) graphite furnace system has been rock solid in its performance. With the potential challenges a system that operates at 2500°C can offer, Harper’s design has been dependable, consistent and reliable since 2006. With minimal rebuild and operation at 2500°C, the system remarkably still has original heating elements and graphitic parts, which would normally degrade quickly at such high temperatures. The furnace is used for process development of multiple applications and it has proven versatile for this purpose.”

Nicholas Gagliardi
Composite Research Engineer
University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)


“Right from the very first meeting, Harper’s engineers demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm that was key to Applied NanoStructured Solutions’ successful development of unique solutions to meet the challenge of bringing a new technology to market.  We were especially pleased with Harper’s high level of professionalism, focus and availability during the entire project.”

Harry C. Malecki
Manager, Research & Development
Applied NanoStructured Solutions LLC
A Lockheed Martin Company


“It is critical that in our mission to develop breakthrough energy technologies, we have partners who are equally as dedicated to supporting us with innovative production equipment. We have been working with Harper since 2009 as we refined and optimized our thermal processing regime, and now that work culminates in this key piece of equipment that will enable our production scale operation.”

Phil Souza
Vice President of Manufacturing


“As we looked to significantly increase production capacity to meet the growing global demand for our unique and extremely wear-resistant Tough Coated Hard Powders (TCHP), we recognized that careful consideration and understanding of our thermal processing steps was required. Harper provided exceptional technical proficiency in this area, and then followed through with a tailored furnace that optimizes our process and delivers efficiencies in multiple areas.”

John Keane
Allomet Corporation


“Harper is very innovative. They have provided excellent, intuitive service, looking ahead into the future as to what we might need.”

Timothy A. Dye
Engineering Manager
Toho Tenax America


“Harper has an impressive research capability and has shown good prototyping skills and good understanding of carbon science.”

Mark Southard
Plant Manager


“Harper’s drive to engineer and build a furnace to meet our exacting processing requirements, derived over our many years of research and development, is a testament to their dedication. Harper played a critical role in helping us demonstrate the viability of this efficient and unprecedented environmentally responsible technology. Harper’s work effort played no small part in USD’s success on this project.”

David Kautz
US Demil


“The quality of the major equipment and design solutions reveal a very accurate care and a systematic approach to boost performance.”

Jose Miguel Contreiras
Commercial Manager / Board Member