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high temperature furnace maintenanceHarper’s Pulse™ team provides high temperature furnace maintenance, operational and engineering services to support your core business plans and strategies. Through custom designed programs, we can help you achieve a higher level of planned and predicative operational activities that ensure a more efficient use of resources. As your partner, we provide responsive service and become proactively involved in identifying, evaluating, recommending, and implementing innovative, cost effective and technological solutions.

Our experienced professionals with decades of thermal processing system experience will provide technical oversight to develop and implement strategic and tactical plans, policies and procedures that maintain optimal equipment performance reducing downtime, extending equipment life and maximizing the availability of equipment at the lowest cost and at the highest quality and safety standards.

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Custom Service Programs

The Pulse team will work with you to help develop and implement a customized program that supports your unique needs. Our comprehensive programs are developed to proactively monitor, assess, predict, and understand equipment performance and impending problems before a failure occurs. Tailored programs are structured to achieve a higher level of maintenance activities that enable a more efficient use of resources.

Our service programs focus on management of the entire life cycle of the equipment to increase the overall equipment effectiveness. The Pulse team will perform frequent, regular and scheduled preventative maintenance activities to ensure maximized equipment up-time and product quality while minimizing your risk and cost per units produced. During these on-site visits, the team will acquire meaningful data to identify and implement operational and maintenance best practices and develop precise inventory control strategies. No one is better suited to help you reach your goals of maximum operational efficiency than our Pulse team.

What kind of activities can be included in Harper’s Service Support programs?

  • Harper Service SupportEquipment inspections, diagnostics and failure analysis
  • Maintenance management strategy development
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Maintenance management policies, procedures, and service levels
  • Preventative maintenance development
  • Predicative maintenance development
  • Reliability-centered maintenance through FMECA
  • Shutdown/Rebuild management
  • Spare parts management (with consigned parts inventory, if desired)
  • Energy management plans
  • Education and training plans
  • Remote equipment condition monitoring
  • Life cycle costing
  • Management of outsourced services and contracts
  • Project management of maintenance improvement programs

What can you expect to achieve as a part of your Service  program?

  • Mitigation of safety hazards
  • Maximization of equipment uptime
  • Improved product quality
  • Decreased costs per unit produced
  • Maximum productive capacity and performance
  • Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

To get started, contact us today at servicesupport@harperintl.com or  001.716.706.1260 to talk with our dedicated Pulse™ team about a customized Service program to meet your strategic and tactical needs.