Pulse™ Frequently Asked QuestionsQ1: What does Harper recommend for Preventative Maintenance?

 Depending on the application, equipment may need to be serviced differently.  Our enhanced manuals incorporate recommended maintenance intervals that cross reference a spare parts list and maintenance drawings for easier navigation.  We can also partner with your maintenance team for training, and development of a program that is focused around your production schedule and use. Contact our technical service group and we can offer advice, collect information and support you with recommendations to further assess the symptoms.  Our phone number is 001.716.276.9889, or email us through techsupport@harperintl.com.
 Q2: Can I still get parts for my old Harper furnace?
Yes. Even if the part is no longer available, Harper can provide an alternative that will have minimal impact to retrofit the unit.  Harper International continues to support parts for all legacy equipment with an extensive library.

Q3: I want to use an existing furnace for a different application; do I have to buy a new furnace?
Not necessarily. In many cases Harper has retrofit existing furnaces to run under different conditions for evolving process requirements.  While there may be some limitations based on available power or desired production rate, talk with our experienced staff to evaluate your technical needs and specify the right configuration.

Q4: What defines the furnace’s maximum temperature? Is this the same as the process temperature?
The furnace’s maximum temperature rating is typically 100°C above the process temperature. This is the maximum temperature at which the furnace’s heating elements, insulation, and power are rated for. However, it is not recommended to run the furnace at the maximum temperature for extended periods of time.


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