Belt Conveyor Furnace SystemsHarper’s mesh belt conveyor furnaces and kilns are designed for the continuous processing of parts as well as advanced materials such as granular, powder, or particulate aggregates in high purity and specialty atmosphere environments at temperatures up to 2000°C. Our experience with a variety of belt materials, including mesh, strip, and chain, allows us to specify the exact design for your needs for an ideal thermal process solution, including gas, electric and microwave heated systems.

Harper considers the design of a conveyor furnace as a complete system, with the ability to incorporate integrated contol systems, gas treatment and handling, turnkey installation and complete field commissioning. Field service can incorporate control instrumentation integration and programming as well as process engineering optimization and support.

Harper Belt Conveyor Furnace Capabilities

  • Temperatures to 2000°C
  • Electric, gas, microwave heated or dual-fuel fired systems
  • Controlled atmospheres including flammables gases, as well as multiple atmospheres
  • Process gas circulating and conditioning systems
  • Defined residence times and capacity
  • Automatic material handling and return systems
  • Advanced seal design
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Automatic feed loading and product unloading

Mesh belt conveyor furnaceTypical Belt Conveyor Furnace Applications

  • Sintering
  • Calcination
  • Oxide Reduction
  • Carbonization
  • Solid-solid reaction
  • Gas-solid reaction
  • Purification
  • Metalizing

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