Carbon Fiber Production Equipment Furnace When you’ve reached production scale, Harper’s 3M and 4M Carbon Fiber lines are the ideal choice, focused on process effectiveness, product quality, and operational optimization. Born from our years of experience in helping customers from around the world grow from fractions of kilograms per hour to tons per year, Harper’s unique expertise with Carbon Fiber production equipment is in linking the process steps offering a seamless and fluid line with maximum efficiency.

Our focus is on the continual advancement of our core technologies, to support the growth of the Carbon Fiber market to newer and greater heights. For example, our design for Oxidation Ovens goes beyond other technologies with design enhancements that maximize reuse of energy available from waste gas abatement, instrumentation and control advances that allow for a high degree of process optimization, and end-seals that maximize of effective heated volume and drastically reduce of ingress of room air and the chimney effect. These advances equate to a two to three fold reduction in consumed energy.

Our design enhancements in LT and HT Furnace end seals, insulation, atmospheric controls and purge chambers provide superior performance, delivering optimal temperature uniformity, minimal air ingress, and excellent process gas flow uniformity. Harper’s process experts are passionate about helping customer’s take advantage of these design features. We aim to help customers achieve product quality goals and the highest level of planned and predicative operational activities for the most efficient use of resources.

A Complete Partner

Harper’s unique ability to link the many process steps in a Carbon Fiber processing line helps ensure the most efficient performance possible, as evidenced by our leadership position in the market. From initial material handling to final product collection, working with one partner in Harper helps enable the most seamless and fluid plant operation possible. As experts in process integration, our multi-disciplined team is specially positioned to help customers meet their specific technology goals while implementing a line maximized for performance and efficiency.

As with any scale line, Harper offers customized training, service and maintenance options based on the needs of the client. Beyond training, Harper’s commitment to ongoing and rapid response to keep the client and their operations running smoothly and meet evolving / emerging system requirements is well known in the industry.

Additionally, Harper offers testing facilities for its customers if needed prior to equipment investment to assist with scale up and process development, a solution offering unlike any other process line provider.

Material Handling

We take on a comprehensive view of issues pertaining to material transport that extend beyond individual unit operations. Our expertise designing material handling, raw material through product packaging, ensures best functionality, maximizes throughput, minimizes scrap, and maintains consistent product quality. Harper offers a variety of feeding and material handling solutions, including creel stations, winders, drive stands, and material conditioning such as combs, moistener, spreader bars, bypass rollers, and centering roll systems.

Production Carbon Fiber Pan Precursor MaterialPre & Post Treatment and Material Conditioning

Harper engineers bring a wealth of experience in pre and post-treatment and material conditioning using a variety of solutions. Whether traditional or emerging methods – chemical, electrochemical, plasma, or gaseous treatments – we work with your process to ensure thoughtful management of chemical preparation and minimization and treatment of the effluent solutions from the conditioning. Harper aims to design technologies that integrate seamlessly into the line and deliver on desired technical and business objectives.

Thermal Systems

As the standard in thermal processing technology for Carbon Fiber since the industry’s inception, Harper offers a range of equipment in thermal regimes beyond what others can, including furnaces and oxidation ovens in lab scale, pilot scale and full production scale sizes. We have the building blocks to design solutions for the most challenging thermal processes, using our years of experience and practice to devising first-of-a-kind, custom systems for world class material manufacturers.

Harper’s most recent 3 meter wide production scale Oxidation Oven demonstrates outstanding performance for key metrics including air velocity uniformity measuring at 2.2%, and temperature uniformity of +/-2.5°C throughout the entire heated length. This innovative oven design enables enhanced performance with higher and more efficient rates of production.

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Thermal Oxidizer carbon fiber production equipmentGas Treatment and Handling

Harper approaches gas treatment and handling with several objectives. Not only do our designs focus on managing emissions and treatment of off-gas in an environmentally conscience manner, but we also carefully consider opportunities for energy recovery for use within the process.

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Fully Integrated Controls

From first point of engagement, Harper carefully designs our carbon fiber production equipment with rigorous detail and thoughtful consideration of how the facility will be operated. Our controls group develops sequence of operations (SOP’s) that drive simultaneously toward efficiency, and enhanced product quality. Our fully integrated systems connect all process equipment to one centralized control system, ensuring operation is that of a cooperative plant all functioning on the same control platform rather than individual and isolated control platforms.

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