Ultra-high temp UHT furnace systemHarper is the world leader for ultra-high temperature / UHT furnace systems rated to 3000°C for use in the production of many powdered metals and high modulus Carbon Fiber, primarily used in applications requiring high rigidity.

Harper’s team of engineering experts makes use of innovative design techniques to navigate the difficulties of developing a system that must operate at such high temperatures for extended periods of time. Most materials used in the construction of a furnace, such as the heating elements and insulation, will be consumed as part of the reaction with exposure to such high temperatures. Harper employs its years of experience and multiple proprietary features to implement systems that perform reliably for extended periods at these elevated temperatures.

Examples of our engineering advancements for UHT furnaces include our positive seal construction techniques rUltra-High Temp UHT Furnace Systemsesulting in greatly enhanced furnace life, and heating area composed of a well insulated chamber which minimizes the heat loss from the system. Additionally, our multifaceted approach to superior gas tight construction minimizes required heating chamber purge rates to increase furnace life. Special attention is given to the UHT furnace in terms of design and inspection for gas tight construction. The steel shell gas sealing welds are inspected by an independent inspector for visual and dye penetrate testing, and once the system is assembled a pressure test is conducted prior to shipment to ensure gas tight construction.

Harper has developed ultra-high temperature furnace systems in a range of sizes, from as small as 65mm width systems producing 10 tons of Carbon Fiber to production rates of 400 tons of Carbon Fiber per year and more. As with all of our designs, we’re supporting customers with scale up support services and customizing state-of-the-art solutions unique to each customer’s processing needs.

Read below to see what just one of our many UHT furnace customers has to say about our highly advanced systems.

“Harper’s ultra-high temperature (UHT) graphite furnace system has been rock solid in its performance. With the potential challenges a system that operates at 2500°C can offer, Harper’s design has been dependable, consistent and reliable since 2006. With minimal rebuild and operation at 2500°C, the system remarkably still has original heating elements and graphitic parts, which would normally degrade quickly at such high temperatures. The furnace is used for process development of multiple applications and it has proven versatile for this purpose.”

Nicholas Gagliardi
Composite Research Engineer
University of Dayton Research Institute

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