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Pulse ProgramToday’s demands for superior quality, performance, reliability, minimized downtime and ever-tightening delivery schedules in foreign and domestic markets requires a new level of timely, comprehensive aftermarket service. Harper’s comprehensive Pulse® Thermal Processing Service team offers one-call technical support, domestic and overseas field service, proactive preventative maintenance programs, fast-turnaround genuine replacement parts, and engineered solutions for a broad spectrum of your service and maintenance requirements. We bring a passionate, collaborative and innovative focus nurtured by years of process technology know-how to offer timely and practical solutions to the most difficult challenges. The Pulse team is the one-call solution to all of your technical and commercial needs.

Parts Support

Testimonial - Cytec Carbon FibersWith the demands of today’s competitive business environment and ever-escalating downtime cost, timely replacement with quality parts is a must. Our experienced engineers and technical specialists will collaborate with you to identify the optimal replacement parts or design solution to meet your needs. We also provide spare parts forecasting for your furnaces and ovens to help eliminate shortages and minimize existing inventory. The Pulse team is well-experienced with shipping logistics to overseas locations to ensure that your equipment arrives as expeditiously as possible. Contact us at partssupport@harperintl.com

Critical Replacement Parts:

Harper equipment includes specific instructions and comprehensive operating manuals that cross reference critical maintenance drawings with a spare parts list for easy identification.Typical spare parts are categorized as one of the following:

An item or assembly that would prevent effective operation of the equipment due to long lead time, but has a lower risk of failure; such as:

  • Process tubes that include a variety of metallic, as well as ceramic (Mullite, Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Quartz, Graphite)
  • Muffles (metallic and nonmetallic)
  • Cooling sections
  • Preheat sections
  • Purge chambers

These are items that can be integrated to existing equipment, or modified based on changing production requirements.

An item that has a moderate to high risk of failure and or a long lead time resulting in equipment downtime. Electric resistance heating elements go through a rigorous design review based on each application. We utilize a wide range of heating elements from metallic alloys, ceramic, precious metals, graphite and intermetallic.

A part that cannot be repaired and may become damaged during operation or maintenance activities.

  • Hearth tiles
  • Muffle liners
  • Rotary tube gas seals
  • Trunnions, graphite, alloy, etc.

These are some of the items that are considered wear components to protect and extend the life of more costly items.

A component that will not necessarily cause equipment downtime, but necessary to monitor or control equipment to intended parameters or maintain safety during operation, including thermocouples, sensors, transmitters, or other instrumentation for detecting critical process information.We also support legacy equipment through detailed documentation. Where some items may no longer be available; an alternative can be determined to retrofit existing equipment and minimize rework for installation. Contact us at partssupport@harperintl.com to learn more.

Technical Support

The Pulse team of experienced engineers and service professionals is available for consultation on any aspect of our process technology equipment from installation through operations, troubleshooting and general maintenance support. Immediate support from our experts is offered to help diagnose and troubleshoot, and rapid response is provided with a high level of team expertise. Broader requirements such as proactive scheduled maintenance and inspection programs are available. Contact us today for questions on any of these issues at techsupport@harperintl.com

Service Support

Discerning customers taxed by ever-increasing workloads and reduced staff recognize the value of support available from the experienced Harper Pulse team. Our goal is to assist in improving the functionality and extend the service life of critical process technology and equipment. The Harper Pulse team supports field service programs in overseas and domestic venues. Available Pulse team services include but are not limited to:

  • Carbon Fiber Production Line SupportSite Inspections
  • Installations
  • Commissioning & Decomissioning
  • Customized Training Plans
  • On-Demand Service Calls
  • Inspection and Diagnostic Programs
  • Equipment Optimization
  • Energy Management
  • Repairs, Retrofits and Rebuilds
  • Relocations

Learn more about our Service Support offerings or contact us at servicesupport@harperintl.com

CTMSP Pulse TestimonialAftermarket Support

Visionary customers appreciate collaboration with the Pulse team of experienced engineering professionals to develop innovative solutions to a number of diverse technical and engineering challenges ranging from upgrading furnaces and kilns for process or production optimization, energy management or to increase reliability and performance. Harper also provides enhanced control systems, instrumentation and technologies tailored to meet the stringent control requirements and specialized needs of emerging technologies and complex applications. Learn more about our aftermarket support success stories with our latest case study or contact us today at aftermarketsales@harperintl.com

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