FFurnace control systemrom first point of engagement on a project, Harper designs with rigorous and thoughtful operations sequences to drive improvements in operations and quality. Our fully integrated furnace control systems connect all equipment to one centralized system, to ensure the operation is that of a cooperative plant functioning on the same control platform rather than individual and isolated control platforms.

Harper’s advanced operator-interface system featuring high resolution color graphics and Windows®-based software enables simple control of temperature, alarm management, sensor calibration, program recipe storage and retrieval, archiving of data and interface to central control systems of the thermal units, as well as advanced functions such as remote monitoring and proactive predictive maintenance.

HMI interfaceOur designs not only allow for function of the system under normal operation, but also focus on enhancements of plant safety and protective measures in transitional states. This can range from start up regimes and shut down regimes where the individual unit operations are coordinated in proper sequence to protect both the operator and equipment, to disruptive events such as exotherms and loss of utilities where multi-level security helps to manage the facility in a safe fashion.

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