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Resources & Publications

Conference Presentations – Ceramics, Metals, Powders

Plenary Session Panel – Forecasting Key Ceramic Markets to Understand Industry Trends
Ceramics Expo 2017 – Download Now.

Moving from Batch to Continuous Production – Challenges and Risk Mitigation for High Temperature Ceramics Processing
Ceramics Expo 2015 – Download Now.

Analysis of the Heating of Proppants in a Pusher Furnace
MS&T 2014 – Download Now.

Modeling Very High Temperature, Dense Cloud, Free-Fall Heating for Particles with Wide Particle Size Distributions
MS&T 2013 – Download Now.

Scaling Up Your Thermal Processes Successfully
Presented as a Live Webinar in October 2012 – Download Now.

Designing for Energy Efficiency in Thermal Processing
Presented as a Live Webinar in June 2012 – Download Now.


Conference Presentations – Carbon Fiber

The Future of High Capacity Carbon Fiber Production
JEC World (Paris) 2016 – Download Now.

Global Expansion in Carbon Fiber Manufacturing: Strategic Considerations for Energy Utilization
CompositesWorld Carbon Fiber 2015 – Download Now.

Novel Oxidation Oven Technology for the Next Generation of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
GOCarbonFibre 2015 – Download Now.

Thermo, Chemical, Process Model on Non-Textile Reinforcing Fiber
SAMPE 2015 – Download Now.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing: Designing Research Systems for Scale Up
Carbon Fiber & Composites Workshop 2015 – Download Now.

Maximizing the Competitive Benefits of Low Cost Natural Gas in the Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber
JEC Europe 2015 – Download Now.

Enabling Optimization and Growth of Carbon Fiber Production Through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Analysis
JEC Europe 2014 – Download Now.

How Mass Automotive Use Will Affect the Carbon Footprint of Carbon Fiber Production Facilities
GOCarbonFibre 2013 – Download Now.

Critical Oxidation Oven Designs to Enable Research System Goals
Carbon Fiber R&D Workshop 2013 – Download Now.

Industry Trends in High Modulus Fiber and UHT Technology
Carbon Fiber R&D Workshop 2013 – Download Now.

Key Parameters for Consideration in the Development of a Carbon Fiber Research Line
SAMPE 2013 – Download Now.

Processing Advancements Within Reach for Achieving Significant Reductions in Carbon Fiber Cost of Manufacturing
JEC Europe 2013 – Download Now.

Ensuring The Future of Carbon Fiber in Automotive and Beyond
JEC Americas 2012 – Download Now.

So You Want to Build a Carbon Fibre Production Line?
GOCarbonFibre 2012 – Download Now.

Expansion Trends in Carbon Fiber, Challenges to Capturing Growth, and a Path to Achieve Greater Capacities
JEC Asia 2012 – Download Now.

Energy Efficiency in the Carbon Fiber Conversion Process
JEC Europe 2012 – Download Now.

A ‘Highly’ Flexible Carbon Fiber Research Facility
GOCarbonFibre 2011 – Download Now.

Advancements in Carbon Fiber Processing for Research & Development
Composites World Carbon Fiber 2010 – Download Now.