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Harper is trusted worldwide for thermal processing solutions for powders and granular materials, including inorganic chemicals, catalysts, phosphors and powdered metals. Our batch and continuous furnace reaction systems for these materials focus on processing materials in controlled and specialty atmospheric environments and at temperatures up to 3000°C. Our systems can accommodate even very finely divided and/or micron and nano-sized materials such as with our recent contract for nano-engineered powdered metals.

Our experience designing custom batch or continuous thermal processing systems for a variety of applications producing aluminas, carbon/graphite, silicas, titanates, tungsten, cobalt, iron, zinc, quartz, molybdenum, zirconia and more. Harper delivers innovative furnaces for these materials with a focus on processing in controlled and specialty atmospheric environments and at temperatures up to 3000°C. Harper’s expertise covers gas-solid or solid-solid reactors providing calcination, graphitization, carburization, controlled oxidation, reduction, purification, pyrolysis, metalizing, debinding, waste remediation, and more.

As every material is unique, every processing system’s is as well. We don’t shoehorn a standard line of products to fit our customers’ requirements. We use our building blocks to deliver first-of-a-kind solutions for the customer’s distinctive needs in their powder production process while considering the most efficient and effective construction possible. Our focus is on precision control over temperature, purity, atmosphere, material flow and residence-time distribution required for consistent and uniform material processing.

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