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Furnace Technologies

Harper’s capabilities in furnace technologies are focused on continuous processing at high temperatures and in controlled atmospheres for a range of advanced materials. We don’t shoehorn a standard line of products to fit our customers’ requirements. We use our building blocks to deliver first-of-a-kind solutions for every customer’s unique needs.

High Temperature Thermal ProcessingThe design of a custom Harper furnace begins with understanding the customer’s goals and utilizing our exceptional skilled engineering team to analyze their distinct process requirements. Harper works to devise a complete thermal solution with our range of offerings including gas treatment and handling and fully integrated control systems.

Harper’s furnaces also address solutions for those materials where oxidation is a concern with revolutionary design considerations. Harper offers extraordinary gas-tight designs and superior sealing system with unique purge chambers. Additionally, because of the high temperatures associated with Harper furnaces, we are experts in ensuring our equipment is exceptionally energy efficient. We focus on incorporating materials and design features that result in the conservation of energy, cooling water, and protective atmospheres.

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