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Fibers & Filaments

Harper is a trusted expert in innovative technology solutions, for the carbonization and graphitization of a variety of fibrous and filamentary materials.

Harper’s experience spans a variety of Carbon Fiber precursors including PAN, pitch, lignin, polyethylene, and rayon in tow, nonwoven mat, or discontinuous, loose fiber form. Since the inception of the Carbon Fiber industry, Harper has enabled manufacturers to achieve newer and greater heights with custom engineered systems. Harper initially pioneered the development of commercial ultrahigh temperature (UHT) furnaces for the market in the 1970s, and now owns a worldwide reputation as a leader in delivering thermal processing solutions that meet the increasing production challenges of this growing market.

Harper’s capabilities for the production of Carbon Fibers range from individual thermal processing units to fully integrated production lines. Our expertise in both pilot and production scale plants helps the customer consider linking the individual process steps to ensure the line is performing at peak efficiency. From initial material handling to final product collection, working with one partner helps enable more seamless and fluid plant construction and schedule.

Beyond Carbon Fibers, our progressive thermal technologies are utilized to produce Carbon Nanotubes.  These nanotubes are used in combination with composite fibers/polymers to improve mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of the end product.  Harper works with cutting edge global companies and research institutes supporting the continued development of advanced materials such as in energy generation, electrical components, and aerospace applications.

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